4. Resources for reconstructing modified DNA, RNA, and proteinsΒΆ

The following are valuable resources for reconstructing DNA, RNA, and protein modifications:

  • DNA

    • DNAmod: Database of covalently modified nuceleobases
    • MethDB: Database of DNA methylation
    • MethSMRT: Database for DNA 6mA and 4mC methylomes
  • RNA

    • Modomics: Databases of modified NMPs and modified RNA
    • RMBase: Database of posttranscriptionally modified RNAs
    • RNA Modification Database: Database of posttranscriptionally modified RNA nucleosides
  • Proteins

    • dbPTM: Database of modified amino acids and proteins
    • Delta Mass: Database of modified amino acids
    • FindMod: Database of post-translational modifications
    • Protein Ontology: Database of modified proteins
    • PSIMOD: Ontology of modified amino acids
    • RESID: Database of modified protein residues
    • UniMod: Database of modified amino acids