1. Installation

1.1. Install Dependencies

First, please install the following dependencies:

1.2. Install datanator_frontend

Second, please run the following shell commands to clone and install datanator from GitHub:

git clone git@github.com:KarrLab/datanator_frontend.git
npm install

Because datanator_frontend is under active development, we recommend regularly pulling the latest revision of datanator_frontend from GitHub.

1.3. Run datanator_frontend

To run a test server of the frontend, run the command:

npm run dev

NOTE: A backend server is needed to run successfully run the frontend. One can use the production Heroku server API or one can use a local server API (instructions on doing this shown below). To toggle between the two servers, toggle between API_ENDPOINT(Production) and TEST_API_ENDPOINT(Local) in the lib/fetch.js file.

1.4. Running Backend

Please see the installation instructions in the datanator documentation.