1. Getting started

The following examples and tutorials illustrate how to use DE-Sim to build and simulate models.

1.1. Examples

  • Minimal simulation: a minimal example of a simulation

  • Random walk: a one-dimensional random walk model, with random times between steps

  • Parallel hold (PHOLD): a model developed by Richard Fujimoto to benchmark parallel discrete-event simulators

  • Epidemic: two SIR models of an infectious disease epidemic

These examples have corresponding unit tests which run them in the DE-Sim’s directory of unit tests of examples.

1.2. Interactive tutorials

Please see sandbox.karrlab.org for interactive Jupyter notebook tutorials about designing, building and simulating models with DE-Sim. It includes tutorials that use the random walk, PHOLD, and epidemic models listed above.

1.3. Template for models and simulations

The minimal simulation, located at de_sim/examples/minimal_simulation.py, can be used as a template for implementing and simulating a model with DE-Sim.