2. Command line interface documentationΒΆ

usage: unitth (sub-commands ...) [options ...] {arguments ...}

Generate HTML unit test history report

positional arguments:
  xml_report_dir        Parent directory of XML reports of individual builds
                        to generate a history report of

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               toggle debug output
  --quiet               suppress all output
  --xml-report-filter [XML_REPORT_FILTER]
                        Starts-with filter for individual reports with `xml-
                        report-dir` that should be included in the history
                        report. Set `xml-report-filter` to to include all
                        files/subdirectories in the history report.
  --html-report-path HTML_REPORT_PATH
                        Directory of HTML reports of individual
                        builds(relative to XML directories of individual
  --generate-exec-time-graphs GENERATE_EXEC_TIME_GRAPHS
                        Whether execution time graphs shall be generated
  --html-report-dir HTML_REPORT_DIR
                        directory to store generated HTML history report
  --initial_java_heap_size INITIAL_JAVA_HEAP_SIZE
                        Initial Java heap size
  --maximum_java_heap_size MAXIMUM_JAVA_HEAP_SIZE
                        Maximum Java heap size