gdoc-down documentation

API and command line program to save Google documents, presentations, and worksheets in a local Google Drive / Backup & Sync directory to to local files.

gdoc-down supports several formats:

  • CSV (.csv)

  • EPUB (.epub)

  • Excel workbook (.xlsx)

  • HTML (.html)

  • Image (.png, .jpg, .svg)

  • LaTeX (.tex)

  • Open Office document (.odt)

  • Open Office presentation (.odp)

  • Open Office workbook (.ods)

  • Plain text file (.txt)

  • Portable document format (.pdf)

  • Powerpoint presentation (.pptx)

  • Rich text document (.rtf)

  • TSV (.tsv)

  • Word document (.docx)

gdoc-down also has special features for handling .gdoc files that contain LaTeX:

  • gdoc-down ignores all images. This allows the user to place images inside the Google document for convenience and to use includegraphics to embed images in compile PDF files.

  • gdoc-down will convert all Google document comments to PDF comments.

  • gdoc-down ignores all page breaks.

The first time gdoc-down is called, gdoc-down will request access to the user’s Google account. This will create a client.json file in the users home directory (~/.gdoc_down/client.json).