2. Command line usageΒΆ

gdoc-down (sub-commands ...) [options ...] {arguments ...}

Download Google documents to local files in various formats

positional arguments:
  gdoc_file             path to Google document

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               toggle debug output
  --quiet               suppress all output
  --format FORMAT, -f FORMAT
                        output format (docx, html, odft, pdf, rtf, tex, txt)
  --out_path OUT_PATH, -o OUT_PATH
                        path where Google document should be downloaded
  --extension EXTENSION, -e EXTENSION
                        output extension


gdoc-down -f docx /path/to/Google \Drive/file.gdoc
gdoc-down -f pptx /path/to/Google \Drive/file.gslides
gdoc-down -f xlsx /path/to/Google \Drive/file.gsheet