1. InstallationΒΆ

Below are instructions for installing the model on Ubuntu Linux.

  1. Install the dependencies

    • Python:

      apt-get install python python-pip
    • Git:

      apt-get install git
    • Gurobi

      1. Get a Gurobi license from http://www.gurobi.com. Gurobi provides free licenses for academic users.

      2. Install Gurobi:

        apt-get install
        wget http://packages.gurobi.com/7.5/gurobi7.5.1_linux64.tar.gz
        tar xvfz gurobi7.5.1_linux64.tar.gz
        mv gurobi751 /opt/
      3. Use your license to activate Gurobi:

        /opt/gurobi751/linux64/bin/grbgetkey "<license>"
      4. Install the Python binding:

        cd /opt/gurobi751/linux64
        python setup.py install
  2. Download the model:

    git clone https://github.com/KarrLab/h1_hesc.git
  3. Change to the directory with the model:

    cd /path/to/h1_hesc
  4. Install the model and all Python dependencies:

    pip install -r .circleci/requirements.txt
    pip install -e .